Faringdon Regent Cinema, Oxfordshire

Cinema & Presentation system

Faringdon Town Council approached us to specify and design a new cinema system for them, including high definition projection and a full range sound system. The system needed to be able to handle films, presentations and live TV. Using a video switcher/scaler and simple audio mixer anyone with a small amount of training can deploy and operate the system A laptop input was provided at the stage position whilst all of the control equipment was housed in a cabinet in a store behind the stage area. This meant that only staff would have access to the system control and the equipment would remain safe no matter who was using the room.
This is a large multi-use hall, so the installation had to be both very neat and secure. Faringdon Town Council are delighted with the system and it has now been pressed in to regular service for the community of Faringdon and the surrounding area. www.visitfaringdon.info/cinema