“Our committee members came to meet Tom Elleray of Soundsmith, following a recommendation from Sedbergh Film Club. We were new at the film club ‘business’ and only had limited knowledge and in some instances, no knowledge, of what we would really need in the way of equipment.

It would have been easy to fall foul of bad and even unscrupulous advice. We conducted research with several suppliers but after our first meeting with Tom, a number of us discussed what he had told us. The first thing we all agreed on was that we liked him and in the short time we had known him, felt confident that he knew what he was talking about and had helped us understand what we could achieve within our available budget.

In short, we considered his advice reliable and trustworthy. Tom designed our system particularly for our needs and set it up upon delivery. It has proved very successful and our members love the picture and sound quality. Since then, we have bought other equipment items from Tom and he has helped us with good advice and support since.”

Brampton Film Club

“Soundsmith provided first class technical support at this year’s festival, their equipment worked extremely well and their personnel were knowledgeable and helpful.”

Andy Curtis / Technical Manager Kendal Mountain Film Festival